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Tourism Association of Sounkyo


Kurodake Ski area

You can enjoy the dynamic mountain skiing in early November at Kurodake ski area. And it has the longest skiing season in Japan.

Adress Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawa-cho
Phone 01658-5-3031
Period from mid-November to early June
Kurodake Ski area

Sounkyo Visitor Center

The interaction of people and nature of the National Park on Mt Taisetsu is the theme. It provides some directions and informations about experiencing the nature and learning the nature. At the same time we also have to provide activities to preserve the natural environment.

Adress Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawa-choMAP
Phone 01658-9-4400
Hours from June to October(8:00-17:30) from November to May(9:00-17:00)
Closed from June to October (seven days a week) from November to May every Monday (The case of Monday’s holiday is the next day) from 12/31to New Year 1/5,
Price Free
Sounkyo Visitor Center-1 Sounkyo Visitor Center-2


Altitude 1,984m. You can enjoy the great outdoors, such as alpine plants, foliage, and alpine skiing. You can enjoy different nature fun with the changing of the seasons.

Adress Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawa-choMAP
Year period All the year round
Kurodake-1 Kurodake-2 Kurodake-3


It is said that Oobako and Kobako are the most beautiful valley in Sounkyo.

Adress Sounkyo Oobako Kamikawa-choMAP
Year period All the year round
Oobako-1 Oobako-2

Waterfall of Ginga ・Waterfall of Meteor

“Waterfall of Ginga” which runs down gracefully like thin delicate white thread, and “Waterfall of meteor” runs down powerfully as one thick waterfall.

Adress Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawa-choMAP
Waterfall of Ginga ・Waterfall of Meteor-1 Waterfall of Ginga ・Waterfall of Meteor-2 Waterfall of Ginga ・Waterfall of Meteor-3

Sounkyo photo museum

Ichinei Kouetsu who has been taking Hokkaido mountains’ photographs is the representative mountain photographer in Japan. So you can enjoy the fascination of Mt Taisetsu in the museum.

Adress Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawa-choMAP
Hours 9:00-18:00
Price general 300 yen; under 13 years old is free (groups: over 10 persons 200 yen/per)
Sounkyo photo museum-1 Sounkyo photo museum-2 Sounkyo photo museum-3

Walkway of Momijidani

In the foliage season, it is the best place of appreciating the foliage. About 30 minutes’ walk, you can reach the "waterfall of foliage".

Adress Sounkyo Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gunMAP
Price Free
Period from June to early November
Walkway of Momijidani-1

Sounkyo ropeway (Rinyu tourism)

You can reach the 7Goume(70% of the height of the mountain) of Kurodake which altitude is 1984m, when you take the Gondola and the lift.

Adress Sounkyo Onsen Kamikawa-choMAP
Phone 01658-5-3031
Hours 6:00-19:00(in summer and winter will change operating)
Price Adults (over Junior high school students) 1,850yen
Children (elementary school students) 950yen
*Less than elementary school is free
Sounkyo ropeway-1 Sounkyo ropeway-2 Sounkyo ropeway-3

Ice pavilion

The world's first pavilion! This experiencing art gallery has the unique theme as ice and coldness which corresponds with the characteristic of Hokkaido.
Pillar of ice stands like a large forest, you can experience the icy world of at least minus 41 degrees.

Adress 40 address, Sakae-cho, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gunMAP
Phone 01658-2-2233
Hours 8:30-17:30(final acceptance is 17:00)
Price Adults (over junior high school) 1,000yen
Children (elementary school) 600yen
Infant(over 3 years old) 200yen
Ice pavilion-1 Ice pavilion-2

Garden of the Taisetsu forest

(plan to pre-open on 7 July 2013)
Garden of the Taisetsu forest is extensive countryside surrounded by the peaks of the Taisetsu mountain and Niseikaushuppe forest. It is a hidden beauty spot of Hokkaido in Asahigaoka Taisetsu plateau.

Adress Asahigaoka, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gunMAP

Fratello di Mikuni

(plan to grand opening on 7 July 2013)
Fratello di Mikuni is a “villa & restaurant in the field” and you can enjoy local food ingredients. In addition to it, you can enjoy the collaboration with chef Kiyomi Mikuni and chef Hideki Horikawa.

Adress Asahigaoka, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gunMAP
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